Who We Are

F-theta  is a optical group and services company that has been developing and supporting laser optics nearly 15 years. We help scientists, engineers, researchers and students turn their optical laser systems ideas into reality. The cornerstones of our success are rock solid physics architecture, a culture of excellence and innovation, and the insistence on listening to our customers. These allow us to deliver unmatched value in the industry and have led to us having the largest, most passionate user-base in the industry.

Our primary goal is the comprehensive success of our customers. We truly believe that we only progress as a company when our customers are successful. This principle is at the heart of everything we do. Our f-theta products is guided by our customer’s feedback and the trajectory of the industry as a whole. Our engineering services team exists to remove all obstacles to customer success. From technical support to training and custom solutions, we are fanatical about customer success.

Where We’re From

In 2000, we founded Laser Optics Corporation to commercialize f-theta scan lenses. The initial targets were aimed at classical laser lens, but over the years the capabilities and breadth of team it could handle expanded immensely. In 2012 the company was acquired by LENSTEK to form Lenstek Laser Optics Group. This partnership brought significant investment and growth in both technology and manufactory. This investment enabled a major products and test update in 2015 and a rebranding of the f-theta as Lenstek Laser Optics. 

F-theta Today

F-theta group is the industry standard for laser optical and provide the solutions to the engineers and researchers worldwide. With offices in Nanjing beside Shanghai, People's Republic of China F-theta provides industry leading customized products, pre/post-sales support, technical assistance and training. 

F-theta group recognizes that our biggest asset is something we don’t own at all: our people. We strive to create a fun & open culture that’s collaborative, challenging, and inclusive to attract and retain exceptional people. Without the people, we’re just lines of singlet. We are a lean organization, which means everyone chips in to get things done. We all work hard, but it’s great to be a part of a top-notch team and to know that when you need help, there’s always someone willing to lend a hand. Working for F-theta group is a truly unique and rewarding experience. The organization is just the right size to maintain an entrepreneurial spirit with enough resources to take advantage of strategic business opportunities.